Islamic Names for Girls

30 March 2009 |

Abia - Great
Abida - Worshipper
Abir, Abeer - Fragrance
Ablah, Abla' - Perfectly formed
Abra - Example, lesson
A'dab - Hope and need
Adara - Virgin
Adiba - Cultured, polite
Adila, Adilah, Adeela - Equal
Adiva - Pleasant, gentle
Afaf - Chaste, virtuous, decent, pure
Afifah - Chaste

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Stories of the Prophets

24 March 2009 |

Written by Al-Imam ibn Kathir
Translated by Muhammad Mustapha Geme’ah, Al-Azhar

1. Prophet Adam
2. Prophet Idris (Enoch)
3. Prophet Nuh (Noah)
4. Prophet Hud
5. Prophet Salih
6. Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham)
7. Prophet Isma'il (Ishmael)
8. Prophet Ishaq (Isaac)
9. Prophet Yaqub (Jacob)
10. Prophet Lot (Lot)
11. Prophet Shuaib
12. Prophet Yusuf (Joseph)
13. Prophet Ayoub (Job)
14 . Prophet Dhul-Kifl
15. Prophet Yunus (Jonah)
16. Prophet Musa (Moses) & Harun (Aaron)
17. Prophet Hizqeel (Ezekiel)
18. Prophet Elyas (Elisha)
19. Prophet Shammil (Samuel)
20. Prophet Dawud (David)
21. Prophet Sulaiman (Soloman)
22. Prophet Shia (Isaiah)
23. Prophet Aramaya (Jeremiah)
24. Prophet Daniel
25. Prophet Uzair (Ezra)
26. Prophet Zakariyah (Zechariah)
27. Prophet Yahya (John)
28. Prophet Isa (Jesus)
29. Prophet Muhammad

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eBay Bargain Shopping for Dummies

16 March 2009 |

Recently I called a store to find out if it had a specific item in stock. “Oh yes,” the sales clerk replied, “We have it, but we can’t quote the price over the phone — you’ll have to come into the store to find out the price.”

So I went to the store. Not only didn’t the store have what I was looking for, but the sales clerk tried to sell me a completely different product than the one I came in for. There is nothing worse than knowing that your time is being wasted.

I went back to my office, ran a search at eBay, ordered exactly what I needed — at 40 percent off the retail price — and it arrived in the mail three days later. I should have tried eBay first. eBay has become the world’s online marketplace. It’s mine now and it should be yours.

eBay found its way onto my computer in 1996, very early on. My daughter’s hobby at the time was replacing her She-Ra Princess of Power action figures, which I had long previously sold at a garage sale. eBay saved my reputation as the mother who got rid of her collection. We replaced every figure with action figures that were MOC (that is, mint on card). I wasn’t the only one shopping for action figures at eBay. In fact, the company attributes its initial growth to the Beanie Baby craze!...

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Jakarta Struts for Dummies


Welcome to Jakarta Struts For Dummies, your plain-English guide to the Java programming framework that everyone is talking about. In this book, we explain how to use Struts to support your Java-based Web development. Jakarta Struts For Dummies gives you all the information you need to start using Jakarta Struts — so that you can create better code right away.

As if you didn’t know, Jakarta Struts For Dummies covers Jakarta Struts, the popular, open-source framework for creating Web applications in Java...

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Special Edition Using® Macromedia® Studio 8

6 March 2009 |

Macromedia Studio 8 users, look no further! Special Edition Using Macromedia Studio MX is the ultimate comprehensive reference book for users of Macromedia's suite of web design and development tools. Updated to include all new features of the new release, you will focus on the integration of the suite of software programs. This will assit you in enhancing your productivity by choosing the correct tool or combination of tools for each and every task you are out to complete.

The book includes in-depth coverage of wireframing web sites and creating vector-based art with Freehand; creating and editing graphics with Fireworks; using Flash to create useful interfaces and exceptional animations; working with ActionScript; using ColdFusion to generate reports and serve as a back-end for dynamic web sites; building data-driven Web sites with Dreamweaver; and truly integrating the elements of the suite into a productive workflow. A series of exercises at the end of each chapter will provide you with experience in using each of the applications in tandem to create a web site. You'll also be able to practice with the supplemental materials and references on the included CD-ROM, including an ActionScript reference, sample files, plus trial versions of software...

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Macromedia Studio MX 2004 All In One Desk Reference for Dummies


Macromedia has always been known as a leading-edge design company. Since it introduced Director more than a decade ago, Macromedia has shrewdly developed products (like Fireworks and Dreamweaver) and acquired products (such as Flash and FreeHand) geared toward turning artists into developers. With its acquisition of Allaire, Macromedia added a powerful technology platform to its suite of design-oriented products. Macromedia Studio MX 2004 represents the natural evolution and integration of the Macromedia products into a single set of Web development tools. The result? We’ve worked in Web development since its inception, and we can honestly say that there’s never been a product that is as user friendly, powerful, and complete as Macromedia Studio MX 2004...

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