Beginning PHP and MySQL E-Commerce - Second Edition

19 November 2009 |

Welcome to the second edition of Beginning PHP and MySQL E-Commerce: From Novice to Professional! This book is a practical, step-by-step PHP and MySQL tutorial that teaches you real-world development practices. Guiding you through every step of the design and build process, this tutorial will teach you how to create high-quality, fully featured, extendable e-commerce web sites.

Over the course of this book, you will develop the necessary skills to get your business up on the Web and available to a worldwide audience. In each chapter, you will implement and test new features of your e-commerce web site, and you will learn the theoretical foundations required to understand the implementation details. The features are presented in increasing complexity as you advance throughout this book, so that your journey will be as pleasant and painless as possible. By the end, you’ll understand the concepts, and you’ll have the knowledge to create your own powerful web sites. Owners of the first edition will find that a large part of the book has been rewritten and many features have been added, as a result of the advances in the web development scene and the extensive feedback we’ve received from the readers of the first edition.

Now, you’ll find the book teaches you AJAX techniques, how to implement search engine optimization and product attributes, and many other exciting features...

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The Citizens Homeland Defense Guide - The Art of Survival

9 November 2009 |

We hope that this guide will stir in you a willingness to continue to pursue the American dream. We all must become diligent in our learning, courageous in our actions, and fearless in our hearts. Its the primary evil of man that manifested on 9-11 that challenges us to overcome those forces. We must continue to trust in GOD and pray without ceasing for freedom. Freedom is never given freely its paid for by blood, sweat, and the willingness to teach the history of such honorable sacrifices . Review the information in this guide and get the addition information and learn, learn, and apply. Pass this on as much as you can so others my become in formed. We love to get information from you for our next issues. Please joining our newsletter to get alerts that effects millions of people worldwide. May GOD bless you and protect you...

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Modern High-Security Locks - How to Open Them

31 October 2009 |

When Secrets of Lock Picking first appeared in 1987, I felt somewhat concerned about the possibility of someone using my information for illegal purpose. But then I realized most criminals do not have the patience to pick open a lock or the skills needed to make the tools. Since the publication of Secrets of Lock Picking, the national burglary rate (as well as crime in general) has dropped per capita. Not because of the book, of course, but in spite of it...

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Composite Rocket Fuels

30 October 2009 |

DISCLAIMER: The following file contains information of harmful or illegal nature. Neither the BBS or author providing this information can be considered responsible for the use of this file. The person using this knowledge is solely responsible for it's use or misuse. This file is intended to educate only.

1.) Introduction

Composite propellants are solid rocket fuels that are composed of separate fuels and oxidizers mixed together in one homogenous mass. This propellant is then either molded into a grain to be inserted in an engine or cast in an engine casing and left to harden. The fuels and oxidizers taken separately are generally unreactive. Composite propellants are used in a number of engines. There are engines that use water for fuel and an oxidizer, air for an oxidizer like a ramjet, and a liquid/solid engine that can be throttled. The rocket motors discussed here a best built by the amateur with propellant weights below 2 lbs. and preferably under 1 lb. This is still powerful enough to shoot a sizable rocket to well over 4 miles altitude...

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29 October 2009 |

This article may be freely reproduced, in whole or in part, provided
acknowledgments are given to the author. Any reproduction for profit, lame
zines, (that means you t0mmy, el8, you thief) or law enforcement use is
prohibited. The author and contributors to this phile in no way advocate
criminal behavior.
A. Relevant Conduct
B. Preparing for Trial
C. Plea Agreements and Attorneys
D. Conspiracy
E. Sentencing
F. Use of Special Skill
G. Getting Bail
H. State v. Federal Charges
I. Cooperating
J. Still Thinking About Trial
K. Search and Seizure
L. Surveillance
M. Presentence Investigation
N. Proceeding Pro Se
O. Evidentiary Hearing
P. Return of Property
Q. Outstanding Warrants
R. Encryption
A. State v. Federal
B. Security Levels
C. Getting Designated
D. Ignorant Inmates
E. Population
F. Doing Time
G. Disciplinary Action
H. Administrative Remedy
I. Prison Officials
J. The Hole
K. Good Time
L. Halfway House
M. Supervised Release
N. Summary

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CIA Book of Dirty Tricks

28 October 2009 |

@REM Hello all :)
@NODE MAIN "CIA Book of Dirty Tricks #1"
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Typed by
Amigaguide conversion by @{b}Recoil / Eutronix@{ub}
If you find the other part(s) to this book then contact me, I can
be found on many US and UK Boards and on internet as
A lot of this @{i}information@{ui} is only of use to Americans but I'm
sure you can find a way of performing the same sort of things here in
the UK...

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Anti Terrorism - Survival Bible Ebook


We recommend that you try to get as much information as you can. Try to become knowledgeable about nuclear, biological, chemical, preparedness, hand to hand combat, and even prophecy. Its always good to have books, rapes, and videos around the house. So we recommend that you start a physical library at your home. You never know when your power might go out. Try to buy a book a month to start. Try to purchase the highlighted books and videos first they are the most popular and helpful...

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Tutorial Adobe Premiere Pro

8 September 2009 |

Adobe Premiere adalah salah satu software yang popular dan digunakan secara luas dalam pengeditan video.

Adanya kesamaan interface Adobe Premiere dengan Adobe PhotoShop dan Adobe After Effect adalah memberikan kemudahan dalam pemakaiannya, image – image dapat disiapkan dengan adobe photoshop dan effect – effect khusus juga dapat disiapkan dari adobe after effect...

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Multimedia Lectures

12 August 2009 |

Multimedia System Class
Introduction to Multimedia
Lecture Notes
Klara Nahrstedt

DCL 3111, Department of Computer Science
University of Illionis at Urbana Champaign
1304 W. Springfield Ave., Urbana, IL 61801-2987...

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Creating Shockwave Web Pages

9 August 2009 |

A good roller coaster moves fast, goes high, and has lots of unexpected twists and hills. After a while, all the rides seem to be the same because they can't get bigger or faster or higher for safety reasons. What did the roller coaster creators do to distinguish the latest and greatest "Bloody Devil III" from the boring old "Fire Bomber"? They couldn't do much more with motion, so they added flashing lights and dark tunnels. Then they added music and screaming sound effects. Then they added water guns to spray the riders. Soon globs of blue slime ooze from the hand rails. The roller coasters affect the riders' senses through movement, but also through sight, sound, and touch.

Amusement parks aren't the only place where this has happened. Students don't write many papers anymore; they do presentations. Though writing still has a very important place in education, it can be limiting to certain people. By adding pictures, a whole new spectrum is added for individuals who learn better by seeing rather than reading. Presenting the information orally benefits those people who learn through listening. Adding tangibleobjects, sounds, video, diagrams, interaction, and other elements ensures that the presentation reaches every possible audience with the greatest impact.

This is true in business. Meetings may have overhead projectors, slides, video, computers, physical objects, and so on. By reaching more than one sense (sight, sound, touch, and so on), the presenter is sure that he or she is most effectively reaching the audience and holding its attention.

Of course, the driving force behind many of these enhancements is theadvancement of technology-more options available to more people for less money. The point here is that technology has expanded our communication and experiences to reach more than one sense simultaneously. Instead of choosing to read, listen, or see, we have the option of doing all three at once. The buzzword referring to this is "multimedia."

Multimedia in the computer sense most often refers to the development of the CD-ROM. A "multimedia computer" will have a CD-ROM player, sound card and speakers, and a color video display. The CD-ROMs often containaudio, video, pictures, text, and other elements that can be experienced.However, the computer has taken multimedia further than television or other presentation devices. It has made a very powerful addition: interactivity. By making software interactive, the user can make choices that affect the presentation. Instead of waiting through a series of videos, pictures, or text, the user can choose what to view. He or she can make decisions that affect how the information is presented. The multimedia viewer enters a completely dif-ferent world that they control and experience...

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PHP Manual

4 August 2009 |

What is PHP?

PHP (recursive acronym for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor") is a widely-used Open Source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.

What distinguishes PHP from something like client-side JavaScript is that the code is executed on the server. If you were to have a script similar to the above on your server, the client would receive the results of running that script, with no way of determining what the underlying code may be. You can even configure your web server to process all your HTML files with PHP, and then there's really no way that users can tell what you have up your sleeve.

The best things in using PHP are that it is extremely simple for a newcomer, but offers many advanced features for a professional programmer. Don't be afraid reading the long list of PHP's features. You can jump in, in a short time, and start writing simple scripts in a few hours...

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Beginner's Guide to Using and Building Traffic with FeedBurner

1 July 2009 |

FeedBurner is a free service which allows you to track and manage your website feeds. The service will not create a brand new feed for you, instead it just takes your current website feed and wraps it up with some amazing features which can be used to help you build and monitor your blog traffic...

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Content Syndication with RSS

20 May 2009 |

Originally developed by Netscape in 1999, RSS (which can stand for RDF Site Summary, Rich Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication) is an XML-based format that allows web developers to describe and syndicate web site content. Content Syndication with RSS offers webloggers, developers, and the programmers who support them a thorough explanation of syndication in general and RSS in particular. Written for web developers who want to offer XML-based feeds of their content, as well as developers who want to use the content that other people are syndicating, the book explores and explains metadata interpretation, different forms of content syndication, and the increasing use of web services in this field. If you're interested in producing your own RSS feed, this step-by-step guide to implementation is the book you'll want in hand.

This book is about RSS, the massively popular content-syndication technology. From distributing headlines across web sites and delivering complete content to specialist applications, to providing the building blocks of the Semantic Web, RSS is one of the Internet's fastest growing technologies.

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HTML & Web Design - Tips & Techniques

18 May 2009 |

Analysts now estimate that across the Internet, over 100 million domain names are in use (for Internet statistics, visit With fast DSL and cable-modem connections available to the masses, and with companies offering low-cost Web hosting, tens of millions of users are now creating personal Web sites. Further, with the estimates of online users now exceeding 500 million (and with that number growing at a rate of 7 percent per month!), Web developers must find ways to exploit new technologies to attract and capture the attention of users as they “surf” the Web.

Throughout this book’s chapters, you will learn ways to put Web technologies immediately to use on your Web pages. Each chapter presents ways you can quickly integrate a technology, such as dynamic content, security, database access, as well as client-side and server-side processing. You will first learn a technology’s fundamentals and the best ways to exploit the technology within your Web pages. Then, you can take advantage of ready-to-use solutions you can simply cut-and-paste into your Web pages. Finally, you will examine behind-the-scenes settings and techniques you can use to unlock your Web site’s full potential.

If a fast, state-of-the-art, eye-catching Web site is your goal, this book will help you achieve it...

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Encyclopedia of Data Warehousing and Mining

13 May 2009 |

There has been much interest developed in the data mining field both in the academia and the industry over the past 10-15 years. The number of researchers and practitioners working in the field and the number of scientific papers published in various data mining outlets increased drastically over this period. Major commercial vendors incorporated various data mining tools into their products, and numerous applications in many areas, including life sciences, finance, CRM, and Web-based applications, have been developed and successfully deployed.

Moreover, this interest is no longer limited to the researchers working in the traditional fields of statistics, machine learning and databases, but has recently expanded to other fields, including operations research/management science (OR/MS) and mathematics, as evidenced from various data mining tracks organized at different INFORMS meetings, special issues of OR/MS journals and the recent conference on Mathematical Foundations of Learning Theory organized by mathematicians.

As the Encyclopedia of Data Warehousing and Mining amply demonstrates, all these diverse interests from different groups of researchers and practitioners helped to shape data mining as a broad and multi-faceted discipline spanning a large class of problems in such diverse areas as life sciences, marketing (including CRM and e-commerce), finance, telecommunications, astronomy, and many other fields (the so called “data mining and X” phenomenon, where X constitutes a broad range of fields where data mining is used for analyzing the data). This also resulted in a process of cross-fertilization of ideas generated by these diverse groups of researchers interacting across the traditional boundaries of their disciplines.

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Effective XML: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your XML

4 May 2009 |

"This is an excellent collection of XML best practices: essential reading for any developer using XML. This book will help you avoid common pitfalls and ensure your XML applications remain practical and interoperable for as long as possible."
Edd Dumbill, Managing Editor, and Program Chair, XML Europe

"A collection of useful advice about XML and related technologies. Well worth reading before, during, and after XML application development."
Sean McGrath, CTO, Propylon

If you want to become a more effective XML developer, you need this book. You will learn which tools to use when in order to write legible, extensible, maintainable and robust XML code...

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Sams Teach Yourself JavaServer Pages™ 2.0 with Apache Tomcat in 24 Hours


In just 24 lessons of one hour or less, you will be able to build dynamic Web sites using JavaServer Pages. Using a straightforward, step-by-step approach, each lesson builds on the previous ones, enabling you to learn the essentials of JavaServer Pages 2.0 from the ground up. The book includes Apache Tomcat, Sun's reference implementation of JSP, so you can start developing applications immediately...

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55 Ways to Have Fun With Google

23 April 2009 |

This book, in a way, is born out of my daily weblog “Google Blogoscoped” ( and those who read it. Since 2003 I’ve been writing there covering all things Google – not just the fun stuff, but news, discussion, interviews, tutorials, and everything beyond with a relation to search engines. Thanks to those reading along and providing pointers or feedback, I’ve been able to discover more interesting pages and get to know more interesting people around the world than ever before.

When I think of Google, first and foremost I think of its role to discover knowledge, people, and people’s thoughts. Search engines are truly one of the first emergents of a global brain, and in good tradition of Gutenberg’s inventions in the technology of printing, of the invention of the internet, and later the invention of the World Wide Web. All those bring us closer together by speeding up the rhythm in which we communicate.

So there we have it, for the first time in history: search, the key to instant knowledge. And what do we do with it? Silly things. OK, not exclusively. But silliness is a part of it. People googlewhack, googlebomb, or egogoogle. People create parodies of Google. They create search engine contests. Magic tricks, riddles and art based on Google. They have a lot of fun with Google, and get together to play games on top of Google services. Even Google Inc themselves send out April Fool’s jokes every year, and celebration logos many times a year. Oh, humanity!...

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Islamic Names for Girls

30 March 2009 |

Abia - Great
Abida - Worshipper
Abir, Abeer - Fragrance
Ablah, Abla' - Perfectly formed
Abra - Example, lesson
A'dab - Hope and need
Adara - Virgin
Adiba - Cultured, polite
Adila, Adilah, Adeela - Equal
Adiva - Pleasant, gentle
Afaf - Chaste, virtuous, decent, pure
Afifah - Chaste

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Stories of the Prophets

24 March 2009 |

Written by Al-Imam ibn Kathir
Translated by Muhammad Mustapha Geme’ah, Al-Azhar

1. Prophet Adam
2. Prophet Idris (Enoch)
3. Prophet Nuh (Noah)
4. Prophet Hud
5. Prophet Salih
6. Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham)
7. Prophet Isma'il (Ishmael)
8. Prophet Ishaq (Isaac)
9. Prophet Yaqub (Jacob)
10. Prophet Lot (Lot)
11. Prophet Shuaib
12. Prophet Yusuf (Joseph)
13. Prophet Ayoub (Job)
14 . Prophet Dhul-Kifl
15. Prophet Yunus (Jonah)
16. Prophet Musa (Moses) & Harun (Aaron)
17. Prophet Hizqeel (Ezekiel)
18. Prophet Elyas (Elisha)
19. Prophet Shammil (Samuel)
20. Prophet Dawud (David)
21. Prophet Sulaiman (Soloman)
22. Prophet Shia (Isaiah)
23. Prophet Aramaya (Jeremiah)
24. Prophet Daniel
25. Prophet Uzair (Ezra)
26. Prophet Zakariyah (Zechariah)
27. Prophet Yahya (John)
28. Prophet Isa (Jesus)
29. Prophet Muhammad

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eBay Bargain Shopping for Dummies

16 March 2009 |

Recently I called a store to find out if it had a specific item in stock. “Oh yes,” the sales clerk replied, “We have it, but we can’t quote the price over the phone — you’ll have to come into the store to find out the price.”

So I went to the store. Not only didn’t the store have what I was looking for, but the sales clerk tried to sell me a completely different product than the one I came in for. There is nothing worse than knowing that your time is being wasted.

I went back to my office, ran a search at eBay, ordered exactly what I needed — at 40 percent off the retail price — and it arrived in the mail three days later. I should have tried eBay first. eBay has become the world’s online marketplace. It’s mine now and it should be yours.

eBay found its way onto my computer in 1996, very early on. My daughter’s hobby at the time was replacing her She-Ra Princess of Power action figures, which I had long previously sold at a garage sale. eBay saved my reputation as the mother who got rid of her collection. We replaced every figure with action figures that were MOC (that is, mint on card). I wasn’t the only one shopping for action figures at eBay. In fact, the company attributes its initial growth to the Beanie Baby craze!...

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Jakarta Struts for Dummies


Welcome to Jakarta Struts For Dummies, your plain-English guide to the Java programming framework that everyone is talking about. In this book, we explain how to use Struts to support your Java-based Web development. Jakarta Struts For Dummies gives you all the information you need to start using Jakarta Struts — so that you can create better code right away.

As if you didn’t know, Jakarta Struts For Dummies covers Jakarta Struts, the popular, open-source framework for creating Web applications in Java...

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Special Edition Using® Macromedia® Studio 8

6 March 2009 |

Macromedia Studio 8 users, look no further! Special Edition Using Macromedia Studio MX is the ultimate comprehensive reference book for users of Macromedia's suite of web design and development tools. Updated to include all new features of the new release, you will focus on the integration of the suite of software programs. This will assit you in enhancing your productivity by choosing the correct tool or combination of tools for each and every task you are out to complete.

The book includes in-depth coverage of wireframing web sites and creating vector-based art with Freehand; creating and editing graphics with Fireworks; using Flash to create useful interfaces and exceptional animations; working with ActionScript; using ColdFusion to generate reports and serve as a back-end for dynamic web sites; building data-driven Web sites with Dreamweaver; and truly integrating the elements of the suite into a productive workflow. A series of exercises at the end of each chapter will provide you with experience in using each of the applications in tandem to create a web site. You'll also be able to practice with the supplemental materials and references on the included CD-ROM, including an ActionScript reference, sample files, plus trial versions of software...

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Macromedia Studio MX 2004 All In One Desk Reference for Dummies


Macromedia has always been known as a leading-edge design company. Since it introduced Director more than a decade ago, Macromedia has shrewdly developed products (like Fireworks and Dreamweaver) and acquired products (such as Flash and FreeHand) geared toward turning artists into developers. With its acquisition of Allaire, Macromedia added a powerful technology platform to its suite of design-oriented products. Macromedia Studio MX 2004 represents the natural evolution and integration of the Macromedia products into a single set of Web development tools. The result? We’ve worked in Web development since its inception, and we can honestly say that there’s never been a product that is as user friendly, powerful, and complete as Macromedia Studio MX 2004...

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WordPress Theme Design

25 February 2009 |

The goal of this title is to explain the basic steps of creating a WordPress theme. This book focuses on the development, creation, and enhancement of WordPress themes, and therefore does not cover general 'how to' information about WordPress and all its many features and capabilities. This title assumes you have some level of understanding and experience with the basics of the WordPress publishing platform. The WordPress publishing platform has excellent online documentation, which can be found at This title does not try to replace or duplicate that documentation, but is intended as a companion to it.

My hope is to save you some time inding relevant information on how to create and modify themes in the extensive WordPress codex, help you understand how WordPress themes work, and show you how to design and build rich, in-depth WordPress themes yourself. Throughout the book, wherever applicable, I'll point you to the relevant WordPress codex documentation along with many other useful online articles and sites...

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Illustrator CS for Dummies

20 February 2009 |

Welcome to Illustrator CS For Dummies. You’re reading this book because you want to find out more about Adobe Illustrator. That’s a very smart move because Adobe Illustrator is the industry-standard graphics software. Not only does it outsell all its competitors combined, it’s also the most powerful graphics-creation tool ever created. With Illustrator, all you need to produce graphics like the best you’ve seen in print or on the Web is knowledge and artistic ability. Artistic ability is a challenge that you can handle on your own. The other half — knowledge — is what this book is all about.

Like a tragic hero, the great power of Illustrator is also its terrible curse. With its 30+ palettes, 70+ tools, and scores of menu items, its sheer depth is enough to make the most hardened graphics expert go shaky in the knees. Don’t be fooled by Illustrator’s vastness, however, because you will find a unique, consistent logic underlying it all. After you master a few basics, all the rest falls nicely into place.

In this book, our mission is to get you past Illustrator’s intimidation factor and into its Wow! factor. I take you from being befuddled and mystified by Illustrator’s nigh-infinite options to creating the kinds of graphics that others look at and say, “Wow, how did you do that?”...

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Adobe Illustrator CS2 Revealed


Welcome to Adobe Illustrator CS2—Revealed. This book offers creative projects, concise instructions, and complete coverage of basic to advanced Illustrator skills, helping you to create polished, professional-looking illustrations. Use this book as you learn Illustrator, and then use it later as your own reference guide.

This text is organized into thirteen chapters. In these chapters you will learn many skills, including how to draw illustrations, transform objects, work with layers, patterns, brushes, and filters, use effects, create graphics for the Web, create graphs, work in 3D, and prepare files for print production...

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Microsoft Windows XP Registry Guide

19 February 2009 |

The registry is the heart and soul of Microsoft Windows XP. In my other registry books, I said the same thing about the registry in every version of Windows since Microsoft Windows 95, and by the time you're finished reading this book, I hope you'll agree. The registry contains the configuration data that makes the operating system work. The registry enables developers to organize configuration data in ways that are impossible with other mechanisms, such as INI files. It's behind just about every feature in Windows XP that you think is cool. More importantly, it enables you to customize Windows XP in ways you can't through the user interface.

Windows XP and every application that runs on Microsoft's latest desktop operating system do absolutely nothing without consulting the registry first. When you double−click a file, Windows XP consults the registry to figure out what to do with it. When you install a device, Windows XP assigns resources to the device based on information in the registry and then stores the device's configuration in the registry. When you run an application such as Microsoft Word 2002, the application looks up your preferences in the registry. If you were to monitor the registry during a normal session, you'd see the registry serves up thousands of values within minutes.

In this book, you will learn how to customize the registry, but you must also learn how to take care of the registry. You must learn how to back up the registry so you can restore it if things go awry. You must also learn the best practices for editing the registry safely...

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Cepat Mahir Windows 2000 Server

16 February 2009 |

Windows 2000 Server merupakan Network Operating System (NOS) untuk melakukan konfigurasi dan manajemen jaringan baik skala kecil, menengah, maupun besar. Teknologi sistem operasi Windows 2000 sebenarnya merupakan kelanjutan teknologi Windows NT yang telah cukup lama digunakan secara luas di pasaran. Keluarga Windows 2000 terdiri dari 4 jenis sistem operasi, 3 diantaranya merupakan sistem operasi untuk server dan 1 untuk workstation.

Versi Professional dikhususkan sebagai sistem operasi desktop sebagaimana Windows 98 dan Windows Milenium Edition. Sistem ini diposisikan untuk menggantikan Windows NT Workstation, dan dapat digunakan pada berbagai kebutuhan skala bisnis.

Windows 2000 Professional mendukung penggunaan dual processor sehingga memberikan kinerja sistem lebih baik untuk berbagai aplikasi serius. Berbagai feature baru seperti System Preparation Tools dan Setup Manager Wizard semakin memudahkan administrator sistem dalam proses instalasi untuk banyak komputer. Sistem ini sangat ideal digunakan sebagai klien Windows 2000 Server karena memiliki dukungan penuh terhadap berbagai fasilitas Windows 2000 Server, terutama Active Directory dan Group Policy...

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Wireless Ethernet LAN (WLAN) F.A.Q.

11 February 2009 |

Q: What is a Wireless LAN (WLAN)?
A: A WLAN is a type of Local Area Network (LAN) that uses high frequency radio waves rather than wires to communicate and transmit data. It is a flexible data communication system implemented as an extension to or as an alternative for, a wired LAN...

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Super Sexual Orgasm - A Woman’s Guide to Guaranteed Satisfaction


Within every woman’s body lies the potential for ex-traordinary pleasure—pleasure so consuming and compelling that, once experienced, it immediately and permanently re-defines a woman’s understanding of her own sexuality. Every woman deserves to discover this potential and embrace this pleasure, and I have written this book to be your guide.

I am a sex therapist in southern California, and I have been writing, teaching, and working with individuals in private practice for many years. I believe sex is one of the purest forms of human endeavor. Sex is kaleidoscopic in its expressive and experiential possibility. It can be joyously exuberant. It can be a thrilling adventure into the unknown. It can be soothing and centering. Sex cuts to the core of who you are as an individual. It is the ultimate arena of sharing between people. It is the nourishing confluence of so many special elements: touch, physicality, communication, play, genital activity, arousal, orgasm, and intimacy. But none of this is possible if we are not connected to our own sensual potential...

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Windows XP Gigabook for Dummies

10 February 2009 |

This book is like four different books wrapped up in one convenient volume. It’s jam-packed with tips, advice, shortcuts, and how-to’s to help you squeeze the last drop of fun or profit from your computer. It’s a reference book. It isn’t meant to be read from start to finish. Dip into it when you need to solve a problem, you want to investigate a new use for your computer, or you want to find out if there is a better way to do a task...

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Hacking Windows XP


This book is the result of several years of research into the subject of the Windows operating system. It is a more polished and portable companion to the author’s Web site,, which is located at Most of the information contained in this book is completely new content that was never before published on

This book is meant to be read from start to finish in order. However, it was also written so that it can be used as a reference manual of different hacks. Feel free to skip around if you do not want to take the full journey of customizing, optimizing, and securing Windows XP...

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Solaris 9 for Dummies

31 January 2009 |

Solaris is the flagship Unix operating system from Sun Microsystems, a company started by a group of graduate students from Stanford and the University of California, Berkeley. In fact, Sun comes from the Stanford University Network, where MBA student (and now Sun CEO) Scott McNealy studied.

Unix has a long and interesting history as an operating system, starting with its initial development at AT&T Bell Telephone Laboratories in the early 1960s. The first version of Unix was written so that the BTL folks had a computer that ran Space War, a very early computer game. Really!

The first few versions of Sun’s Unix OS (initially called SunOS — the Solaris name showed up later) were variants on UC Berkeley’s Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) Unix. Many of the top BSD developers at UCB ended up at Sun, most notably Bill Joy, who shows up time and again in this book...

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Linux System Administrator's Survival Guide


UNIX system administration used to be a skill learned by watching others, trying many things on spec, and scouring obscure magazine articles, obtuse man pages, and e-mail from others. In short, system administration was a skill that was learned over the years with no single reference to the role and functions a system administrator plays. UNIX, especially, was a tough system to administer properly because there were many versions of the software, a disparate support base, and few solid working applications. Luckily, time has changed these conditions.

With the popularity of computers in general, system administrators started writing down the details of their tasks. Publishers realized that there was a distinct and eager, albeit small, market for system administration books. The market grew as the number of systems and LANs expanded. The stabilization of the UNIX operating system in two, and now one, major version helped enormously as well.

Linux became a dominant UNIX product about two years ago when it started receiving worldwide acclaim as a reasonably stable PC version of UNIX. As more and more programmers got involved and started producing software for Linux, the attraction of the operating system continued to grow. Soon, PC users who didn't know anything about UNIX at all were running Linux and starting to deal with shells, filesystems, and devices.

After helping to write Linux Unleashed (a great book, definitely worth buying if you haven't already got a copy!), I realized that many users used that book and CD-ROM to get started with Linux, but they needed more advanced material on managing their systems and setting up network systems. That's when the Linux System Administrator's Survival Guide was born. This book expands on the Linux Unleashed material, providing more detail on many aspects of the operating system. Although some overlap exists between Linux Unleashed and this book, it has been minimized as much as possible. Relative newcomers to Linux will still find that that book is very readable, however...

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Mac OS X Timesaving FOR DUMmIES

30 January 2009 |

The Timesaving Techniques For Dummies books focus on high-payoff techniques that save you time, either on the spot or somewhere down the road. And these books get to the point in a hurry, with step-by-step instructions to pace you through the tasks you need to do, without any of the fluff you don't want. We're identified more than 60 Techniques that Mac OS X Panther users need to know to make the most of their time. In addition, each Technique includes lots of figures that make following along a breeze. Decide for yourself how to use this book: Read it cover to cover if you like, or skip right to the Technique that interests you the most.

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Macs for DUMmIES


If the Mac is so simple, then who needs a book about it?

Well, despite all the free goodies you get with the Mac, a manual isn't among them. You need somewhere to turn when things go wrong, when you'd like to know what the add-on software does, or when you want to stumble onto the Internet for the first time.

By the way, of course you're not a dummy. Two pieces of evidence tell me so: For one thing, you're learning the Mac, and for another, you're reading this book! But I've taught hundreds of people how to use their Macs, and an awful lot of them start out saying they feel like dummies when it comes to computers. Society surrounds us with fast-talking teenagers who grew up learning English from their Nintendo sets; no wonder the rest of us sometimes feel left out.

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Blog Profits Blueprint


Bagaimana Cara Menghasilkan Dengan Blogging

Apa yang akan anda baca adalah hasil pengalaman saya blogging selama dua setengah tahun dan lebih dari tujuh tahun menjalankan bisnis internet. Saran-saran ini unik karena datang dari seseorang yang paham BISNIS begitu juga blog dan seorang yang telah menerapkan prinsip bisnis untuk menghasilkan uang dari blog.

Tanpa skill dan komitmen untuk membangun sebuah bisnis, kebanyakan blogger tidak pernah mencapai tujuannya dimana mereka keluar dari pekerjaan dan menjadi blogger profesional. saya yakin ini adalah sebab kebanyakan blogger profesional gagal.

Kebanyakan orang tidak mempunyai pola pikir yang benar dan kekuatan mental yang dibutuhkan sehingga blogging profesional bisa berjalan. Tanpa seselarasan antara strategi dan taktik, tidak satupun saran bagus, tips, teknik-teknik, studi-studi kasus atau bahkan petuah suci "tulislah konten yang bagus" akan membawa anda ketujuan. Anda akan menabrak dinding dan tertekan secara mental.

Itulah goal saya dengan Blog Profit Blueprint ini untuk membuka semua mata dan mempeluas pikiran setiap calon blogger profesional yang pernah menginginkan untuk menjadikan blog sebagai sumber penghasilan utama. Bersiaplah untuk terkejut, kecewa, dan akhirnya mendapat energi baru dengan sebuah sikap aplikatif yang akan membimbing ada menuju blogging profits...

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The 7 Irrefutable Rules of Small Business Growth

29 January 2009 |

Yea, I sure did. Ir-re-fu-ta-ble. there...I said it again. Without question, this is the one word best describes what I'm trying to say. However, like many words, this one may have different meanings for different readers. To get us off on the right foot, I want to be sure that you and I are clear on my meaning. Let me explain...

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The Management Bible


People talk a lot about how the world of business has changed; how markets today are not just regional or national, but global; how fastevolving telecommunications technology has dramatically cranked up the speed of doing business; and how employees are seeking more meaningful work along with a voice in the decisions that affect them. It's true, the world of business has changed. More than ever before, this means that managers must also change to meet these new challenges.

The old ways of managing employees are broken. Here's how to fix them (and become a better manager in the process)...

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The Professional Services Firm Bible


If you assessed the available books on the topic of managing professional service firms, you probably arrived at the same conclusion we did about a year ago. You can find over a hundred books on the topic. Ninety-five percent of these books are written for the independent consultant who wants to learn how to incorporate, how to develop a proposal, how to sell themselves, and how to individually deliver a project to a client. The other 5 percent of the published books target the executives of large, national consultancies with thousands of consultants/employees. There were no books available to help the professional service firm with anywhere from 2 to 1,000 professionals. Yet, almost 75 percent of all professional services companies are in this group. In the books for independent consultants, you learn the basics (e.g., how to act on the client site, what the start-up costs are). In the books for large consultancies, you learn how to expand internationally or about developing philosophies. In this book, you learn how to grow an existing firm. You learn at what points you need to make decisions such as adding administrative support, opening another office, building another service line. You learn how to determine what is the best sales organization structure for your firm. You learn what information systems you need to build and when. This book is for the growing consulting company and its associates and management...

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