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8 November 2010 |


We're Moving Out!

17 October 2010 |

We're moving out!. Just click this link :)

Law of Attraction - Edisi Bahasa Indonesia (Full Version)

2 January 2010 |

Mengungkap Rahasia Kehidupan

Jika Anda ingin memahami kehidupan yang Anda jalani dan mengubahnya menjadi apa yang Anda inginkan, inilah buku yang Anda cari.
- Mark Foster, Wigan UK

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The Secret - Bahasa Indonesia (Full Version)


Setahun yang lalu, hidup saya terasa runtuh. Saya bekerja sampai kelelahan, ayah tiba-tiba meninggal, dan hubungan dengan rekan-rekan kerja serta orang-orang yang saya cintai sedang kacau. Pada saat itu saya tidak tahu bahwa keputusasaan terberat saya kelak menjadi karunia terbesar.

Saya telah diberi kilasan sebuah Rahasia Besar—Rahasia Kehidupan. Kilasan ini datang melalui sebuah buku berusia seratus tahun, yang dihadiahkan putri saya, Hayley. Dan saya mulai melacak Rahasia ini melalui sejarah. Saya sangat terkejut menemukan orang-orang yang telah mengenal Rahasia ini. Mereka adalah orang-orang besar dalam sejarah: Plato, Shakespeare, Newton, Hugo, Beethoven, Lincoln, Emerson, Edison, dan Einstein.

Ini membuat saya bertanya, “Mengapa tidak setiap orang mengetahui Rahasia ini?” Hasrat yang menyala-nyala untuk membagikan Rahasia kepada dunia membakar diri saya, dan saya mulai mencari orang-orang yang masih hidup, yang mengenal Rahasia ini.

Satu per satu mereka mulai muncul. Saya menjadi seperti sebatang magnet. Ketika saya mulai mencari, seorang guru yang masih hidup dan seorang lagi yang lain tertarik kea rah saya. Ketika saya menemukan satu guru, ia akan mengaitkan saya ke guru berikutnya, dalam sebuah rantai yang sempurna. Jika saya berada di jalan yang salah, akan muncul hal lain yang menarik perhatian saya. Pengalihan jalan itu memunculkan guru besar erikutnya. Jika saya “tidak sengaja” menekan mata rantai (link) yang salah ketika menelusuri Internet, saya akan dijuruskan ke potongan informasi yang sangat penting. Dalam beberapa minggu yang singkat, saya telah melacak Rahasia ini sampai ke abad-abad yang lampau, dan saya telah menemukan praktisi masa kini dari Rahasia ini...

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Beginning PHP and MySQL E-Commerce - Second Edition

19 November 2009 |

Welcome to the second edition of Beginning PHP and MySQL E-Commerce: From Novice to Professional! This book is a practical, step-by-step PHP and MySQL tutorial that teaches you real-world development practices. Guiding you through every step of the design and build process, this tutorial will teach you how to create high-quality, fully featured, extendable e-commerce web sites.

Over the course of this book, you will develop the necessary skills to get your business up on the Web and available to a worldwide audience. In each chapter, you will implement and test new features of your e-commerce web site, and you will learn the theoretical foundations required to understand the implementation details. The features are presented in increasing complexity as you advance throughout this book, so that your journey will be as pleasant and painless as possible. By the end, you’ll understand the concepts, and you’ll have the knowledge to create your own powerful web sites. Owners of the first edition will find that a large part of the book has been rewritten and many features have been added, as a result of the advances in the web development scene and the extensive feedback we’ve received from the readers of the first edition.

Now, you’ll find the book teaches you AJAX techniques, how to implement search engine optimization and product attributes, and many other exciting features...

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The Citizens Homeland Defense Guide - The Art of Survival

9 November 2009 |

We hope that this guide will stir in you a willingness to continue to pursue the American dream. We all must become diligent in our learning, courageous in our actions, and fearless in our hearts. Its the primary evil of man that manifested on 9-11 that challenges us to overcome those forces. We must continue to trust in GOD and pray without ceasing for freedom. Freedom is never given freely its paid for by blood, sweat, and the willingness to teach the history of such honorable sacrifices . Review the information in this guide and get the addition information and learn, learn, and apply. Pass this on as much as you can so others my become in formed. We love to get information from you for our next issues. Please joining our newsletter to get alerts that effects millions of people worldwide. May GOD bless you and protect you...

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Modern High-Security Locks - How to Open Them

31 October 2009 |

When Secrets of Lock Picking first appeared in 1987, I felt somewhat concerned about the possibility of someone using my information for illegal purpose. But then I realized most criminals do not have the patience to pick open a lock or the skills needed to make the tools. Since the publication of Secrets of Lock Picking, the national burglary rate (as well as crime in general) has dropped per capita. Not because of the book, of course, but in spite of it...

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Composite Rocket Fuels

30 October 2009 |

DISCLAIMER: The following file contains information of harmful or illegal nature. Neither the BBS or author providing this information can be considered responsible for the use of this file. The person using this knowledge is solely responsible for it's use or misuse. This file is intended to educate only.

1.) Introduction

Composite propellants are solid rocket fuels that are composed of separate fuels and oxidizers mixed together in one homogenous mass. This propellant is then either molded into a grain to be inserted in an engine or cast in an engine casing and left to harden. The fuels and oxidizers taken separately are generally unreactive. Composite propellants are used in a number of engines. There are engines that use water for fuel and an oxidizer, air for an oxidizer like a ramjet, and a liquid/solid engine that can be throttled. The rocket motors discussed here a best built by the amateur with propellant weights below 2 lbs. and preferably under 1 lb. This is still powerful enough to shoot a sizable rocket to well over 4 miles altitude...

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29 October 2009 |

This article may be freely reproduced, in whole or in part, provided
acknowledgments are given to the author. Any reproduction for profit, lame
zines, (that means you t0mmy, el8, you thief) or law enforcement use is
prohibited. The author and contributors to this phile in no way advocate
criminal behavior.
A. Relevant Conduct
B. Preparing for Trial
C. Plea Agreements and Attorneys
D. Conspiracy
E. Sentencing
F. Use of Special Skill
G. Getting Bail
H. State v. Federal Charges
I. Cooperating
J. Still Thinking About Trial
K. Search and Seizure
L. Surveillance
M. Presentence Investigation
N. Proceeding Pro Se
O. Evidentiary Hearing
P. Return of Property
Q. Outstanding Warrants
R. Encryption
A. State v. Federal
B. Security Levels
C. Getting Designated
D. Ignorant Inmates
E. Population
F. Doing Time
G. Disciplinary Action
H. Administrative Remedy
I. Prison Officials
J. The Hole
K. Good Time
L. Halfway House
M. Supervised Release
N. Summary

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CIA Book of Dirty Tricks

28 October 2009 |

@DATABASE amigaguide.guide
@REM Hello all :)
@NODE MAIN "CIA Book of Dirty Tricks #1"
\ ___ | / _ \___ ____. ___. ____)_ | _/
/ __) | \ |_/ _ / | \ | \ \ _ \
\____)__ /___| \__| \___ / |__/_ / |__/
\/ :___/ \/___|tGø \/___|
Typed by
Amigaguide conversion by @{b}Recoil / Eutronix@{ub}
If you find the other part(s) to this book then contact me, I can
be found on many US and UK Boards and on internet as
A lot of this @{i}information@{ui} is only of use to Americans but I'm
sure you can find a way of performing the same sort of things here in
the UK...

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Anti Terrorism - Survival Bible Ebook


We recommend that you try to get as much information as you can. Try to become knowledgeable about nuclear, biological, chemical, preparedness, hand to hand combat, and even prophecy. Its always good to have books, rapes, and videos around the house. So we recommend that you start a physical library at your home. You never know when your power might go out. Try to buy a book a month to start. Try to purchase the highlighted books and videos first they are the most popular and helpful...

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