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18 May 2009 |

Analysts now estimate that across the Internet, over 100 million domain names are in use (for Internet statistics, visit With fast DSL and cable-modem connections available to the masses, and with companies offering low-cost Web hosting, tens of millions of users are now creating personal Web sites. Further, with the estimates of online users now exceeding 500 million (and with that number growing at a rate of 7 percent per month!), Web developers must find ways to exploit new technologies to attract and capture the attention of users as they “surf” the Web.

Throughout this book’s chapters, you will learn ways to put Web technologies immediately to use on your Web pages. Each chapter presents ways you can quickly integrate a technology, such as dynamic content, security, database access, as well as client-side and server-side processing. You will first learn a technology’s fundamentals and the best ways to exploit the technology within your Web pages. Then, you can take advantage of ready-to-use solutions you can simply cut-and-paste into your Web pages. Finally, you will examine behind-the-scenes settings and techniques you can use to unlock your Web site’s full potential.

If a fast, state-of-the-art, eye-catching Web site is your goal, this book will help you achieve it...

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Hade said...

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Richard said...

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