How to Do Everything with Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2003

10 March 2008 |

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 is a presentation program, which means that you create presentations that you develop and show on your computer. Presentations are like slide shows, but no physical slides are necessary. While almost all computer users are familiar with word processing programs and many know what a spreadsheet is all about, many computer users have never used a presentation program.

All that is changing. The use of presentation programs is increasing geometrically. While design professionals once created most presentations, presentation programs such as PowerPoint have now made it easy for anyone to create an attractive, effective presentation in a few minutes. There are enough special features—such as clip art, sound files, and animation effects—to help you create a professional-looking presentation if you want to invest a little more time...

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hari gini masih pakai office 2003 ?

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bercanda kok.