Apache Compile HOWTO

1 August 2007 |

First I would thank all those people who send questions and suggestions that made a further development of this document possible. It shows me, sharing knowledge is the right way. I would encourage you to send me more suggestion, just write me an email, luc at delouw.ch

All Linux distributions I tested had a non−optimal default setup of Apache. Additionally all major distributions don't have current versions of Apache.

Finally most commercial Unix are delivered without pre−installed Apache, or using a very strange setup.

Since I am installing a lot of customized webservers on different Unixes therefor I wrote a plaintext document and placed it on my website so I can access it at work. Later a friend posted the URL to a mailinglist, and the first questions arrived. So I decided to put more information on the page.

After a lot of people requested the document as an »official« HOWTO written in SGML, I decided to prepare it to be one...

Download full article: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MBBOH4PA

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