Linux® Bible 2007 Edition

1 August 2007 |

Boot Up Ubuntu®, Fedora™, KNOPPIX, Debian®, SUSE™, and 11 Other Distributions

Christopher Negus

Iconsider anyone who has contributed to the open source community to be a contributor to the book you are holding. The backbone of any Linux distribution is formed by the organizations that produce the distributions, the major projects included in Linux, and the thousands of people who give their time and code to support Linux. So, thanks to you all!

As for direct contributors to the book, the good people at Wiley put together a great team of people to help bring the Linux Bible 2007 Edition in on time. Primary contributors include Wayne Tucker (who originally wrote and then updated the chapters on Debian, LAMP servers, and mail servers) and Eric Foster-Johnson (who worked through updates to six of the chapters). Bill von Hagen contributed updates to the SUSE, Yellow Dog, and Ubuntu chapters. Jaldhar Vyas updated the Linspire chapter...

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