3ds max 5 For Dummies

25 November 2007 |

by Shamms Mortier

Welcome to the world of virtual 3D design and animation, as crafted and presented in 3ds max — no less than the world’s largest-selling 3D application. 3ds max (insert the trumpet fanfare here) is used all over the world by thousands of designers to develop 3D interactive games and realistic 3D effects for movies and television, and to create astounding 3D content for display on the Web. Purchasing and working through this book will give you an enhanced introduction to 3D design and animation in general — and some hands-on experience with 3ds max itself — to bring your 3D ideas to life.

For folks unfamiliar with the way 3D software works, using 3ds max can be a daunting task. Just hefting the weighty documentation that comes with the software can be frightening. The documentation is thorough and detailed enough, but it’s not quite as welcoming as your grandmother waiting at the door with fresh baked cookies to soothe your fears. When you first open the software on the screen, you may get another shock. The complexity looks overwhelming to many beginners, so much so that it may cause you to stare at the 3ds max interface in a wide-eyed slack-jawed fashion. This book, on the other hand, is designed so that your introduction to 3ds max will be as warm and fuzzy as possible, while at the same time presenting all the information you need to know in order to dive into the realm of your own 3D visions...

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