SUSE Linux 9 Bible (2005)

26 November 2007 |

Welcome to SUSE Linux 9 Bible! This book is for anyone who is interested in running a SUSE Linux system—at home or at work, “for fun or for profit.” It covers all the currently available versions from SUSE: The “9” in the title refers both to Enterprise Server 9 and SUSE Professional and Personal 9.x. Most of the content applies equally to previous versions also, however. We shall also describe SUSE’s two other business products: the OpenExchange Server and the SUSE Linux Desktop.

The book aims to supplement the documentation provided by SUSE and to show the reader how best to carry out a particular task on a SUSE system, making full use of SUSE’s configuration utilities. Many Linux books and “howto” documents provide generic instructions for carrying out particular tasks; however, it often turns out that these are either incorrect in details or unnecessarily complicated when applied to a particular distribution. In this book we aim to describe the best ways of working with SUSE in a wide variety of situations, making full use of SUSE’s specific configuration tools...

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