Microsoft Office 2000/Visual Basic for Applications Fundamentals

30 November 2007 |

Creating documents, building databases, and writing e-mail are just some of the things you can do with Microsoft Office 2000. But Office 2000 also gives you a way to do these and other tasks, as well as extend built-in functionality, through Microsoft Visual Basic programming. This book shows you how to develop the Visual Basic code that will let your Visual Basic programs automate tasks, tie content together, extend existing functionality, and develop new functionality for Office applications through COM add-ins. You'll learn how to take features beyond their original design in order to meet the needs of your customers or your company.

Microsoft Office 2000 Visual Basic for Applications Fundamentals is organized by task rather than by application. For example, the task of retrieving the current selection in the Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook applications is discussed in one place. The same goes for saving Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents. Whether you need to develop code that accomplishes a task in any single application or in all of them, you will understand the similarities and differences among the applications. The side-by-side comparisons and code samples give you a way of learning how to write code to accomplish the same task in several Office applications...

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