Macs for DUMmIES

30 January 2009 |

If the Mac is so simple, then who needs a book about it?

Well, despite all the free goodies you get with the Mac, a manual isn't among them. You need somewhere to turn when things go wrong, when you'd like to know what the add-on software does, or when you want to stumble onto the Internet for the first time.

By the way, of course you're not a dummy. Two pieces of evidence tell me so: For one thing, you're learning the Mac, and for another, you're reading this book! But I've taught hundreds of people how to use their Macs, and an awful lot of them start out saying they feel like dummies when it comes to computers. Society surrounds us with fast-talking teenagers who grew up learning English from their Nintendo sets; no wonder the rest of us sometimes feel left out.

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