Building an Intranet with Windows NT 4

17 December 2007 |

Author: Scott Zimmerman and Tim Evans

I'd like to begin each chapter with a brief overview of what's ahead. These lists might help you determine whether you would like to skim through any material that you are already familiar with.

By now it's hard to imagine how anyone can have missed learning at least something about the World Wide Web and the Internet. Mass-circulation newspapers and magazines and broadcast media feature the Internet regularly. You often see Web page addresses (known as Uniform Resource Locators, or URLs) in television commercials and printed advertisements. The story of the meteoric rise of Netscape Communications Corporation on the stock market jumped from the financial page to the front page. Universities, businesses, and other organizations have rushed to "get on the Web," while entrepreneurs have moved equally quickly to take advantage of this rush by setting up shop on the shoulders of the Information Superhighway, hawking everything from Internet connections to Web-page authoring to Web-related conferences...

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