Using Visual Basic 6

10 December 2007 |

Writing Your First Application

The best way to learn programming is to do programming. Therefore, let's create a program. Your first program will be a Visual Basic Calendar, which allows the end user to:

View a calendar of the present month

Browse months

View a clock that presents the current time

Read a secret message

If you think that this is too much functionality to implement for a beginner's program, don't worry; it's not. Visual Basic does most of the work for you. Unlike other languages, such as C++, where you have to program every little thing, Visual Basic brings a high degree of automatic programming to your fingertips. Thus, you can do a lot with not a lot of code.

However, don't misinterpret "not a lot of code" to mean "not a lot of power." Visual Basic is a very powerful language. You can write Visual Basic code that does "every little thing" if you want or need it to. You also can exploit the labor-saving nature of VB to implement a program quickly. The choice is yours. Visual Basic is versatile enough to be useful to a broad range of programmers--from beginner to seasoned professional...

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