Mastering Delphi 7

10 December 2007 |

The first time Zack Urlocker showed me a yet-to-be-released product code-named Delphi, I realized that it would change my work—and the work of many other software developers. I used to struggle with C++ libraries for Windows, and Delphi was and still is the best combination of object-oriented programming and visual programming not only for this operating system but also for Linux and soon for .NET.

Delphi 7 simply builds on this tradition and on the solid foundations of the VCL to deliver another astonishing and all-encompassing software development tool. Looking for database, client/server, multitier, intranet, or Internet solutions? Looking for control and power? Looking for fast productivity? With Delphi and the plethora of techniques and tips presented in this book, you'll be able to accomplish all this...

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