Complete Idiot's Guide to JavaScript, Second Edition

5 December 2007 |

Welcome to The Complete Idiot's Guide to JavaScript, Second Edition!

The Complete Idiot's Guide to JavaScript introduces you, gentle reader, to the hottest property in cyberspace today: JavaScript. With JavaScript, a normal, everyday, Internet-familiar person can create Web pages with the finesse of an experienced guru. No mantras, no strange languages, and no expensive compilers are necessary—just a little common sense and an open mind.

This book explains what JavaScript is, how it works, what it's made of, and how you can use it. As a second edition, it also brings you up-to-date on the new features introduced in JavaScript 1.1. You'll discover the component parts that make up this language and come to understand all the esoteric pieces in a language that don't require a Ph.D. You'll even find several examples of JavaScript scripts in action that you can rip apart, change, and enhance.

What about the title of this book: The Complete Idiot's Guide? Well, it assumes that you're no idiot on your own turf. You know your job, you know what you want, you know how to get things done. But there's one thing you don't know: how to use JavaScript...

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