mr nick's guide to cracking

5 December 2007 |


DISCLAIMER: Please note that this is for educational purposes only. It will teach someone how to remove protections from programs, but not encourage it for illegal purposes. The idea, in the guide is to show how people add protections onto software, and how you can use your skills as a computer expert to undo those protections etc..


Welcome, this is the first in my installation of guides aimed at the 'newbies'. This though is different to all the other guides. Here is why.

This guide is aimed at the very beginner in cracking... it contains picutes, much like a book when you were a kid. This is to make things more easier to understand and it really didn't take that long to do... (honestly). I could have written this in 5 lines, but as I said this is for the newbie.

Please tell me if you want pictures or not..This is a new idea, and I am seeing if it helps or not. Remember this is for the NEWBIE...

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