Windows Server 2003 for Dummies

10 December 2007 |

Welcome to Windows Server 2003 For Dummies, the book that helps anyone who's unfamiliar with Windows Server 2003 (or networks in general) find his or her way around a Windows Server 2003-based network. In a wired world, networks provide the links that tie all users together. Even if you're not using a network already, you probably will use one someday! This book tells you what's going on, in basic, straightforward terms.

Although a few fortunate individuals may be acquainted with Windows Server 2003 and networks already, a lot more of us are not only unfamiliar with networking but also downright scared of it. To those who may be worried about the prospect of facing new and difficult technologies, we say, "Don't worry. Be happy." Using a network is not beyond anyone's wits or abilities — it's mostly a matter of using a language that ordinary people can understand.

Ordinary folks are why this book talks about using Windows Server 2003 and networks in simple — and deliberately irreverent — terms. Nothing is too highfalutin to be mocked, nor too arcane to state in plain English. And when we do have to get technical, we'll warn you and make sure to define our terms to boot...

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