The Cracking Manual

5 December 2007 |

Written By The Cyborg - April 3, 1992

Welcome to the wonderful world of cracking. What is cracking? If you don't know and you're reading this, ask yourself why? Anyway, cracking is the art of removing copy protected coding from programs. Why do this? In recent years, software companies have been fighting to keep copy protection in their software to avoid their work to be illegally copied. Users feel that such copy protection is ridiculous in that it violate their own rights to make backups of their sometimes expensive investments.

Whichever side you may favor, this manual will go into some detail on removing copy protection from programs. If you feel offended by this, then I would suggest you stop here. Please note, I do not endorse cracking for the illegal copying of software. Please take into consideration the hard work and effort of many programmers to make the software. Illegal copying would only increase prices on software for all people. Use this manual with discretion as I place into your trust and judgement with the following knowledge.

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